Nicholas Fabricatore

Residential Specialist

Nick has been investing in real estate since 2013. Since then, through timely sales, acquisitions and good old-fashioned hard work, he has grown his real estate portfolio by over 800%. Much of his success in real estate can be attributed to a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Nick believes that these traits, coupled with great communication skills is what sets him apart from the competition. Whether you're looking to build an income-generating real estate portfolio, or simply looking for your very first starter home, you will discover quickly that nobody will work harder for you than Nick.

A Strong Attention to Detail:

No matter the circumstances, it's always important to pay attention to the smallest details. When selling a home, taking the initiative to address small imperfections and having high quality photos can sometimes mean the difference between selling your home in a week or having it stay on the market for 6 months.

You would be amazed at how often I find a listing on the MLS that only has 5 or 6 poorly taken cell phone pics to sell a home. Those agents are doing a disservice to their clients. Even if the home sells, chances are it could have sold for more, or quicker with better marketing.

Regardless of your circumstances, it is invaluable to have an agent that notices the small stuff.

Great Communication Skills:

The home buying/selling process can be quite intimidating. You likely aren't going to be familiar with all the common practices of buying or selling real estate. That's okay! Having someone in your corner that can answer all of your questions throughout the process is just as good! I pride myself in being able to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly.


Hustle is something that seems to be a diminishing asset these days. You're buying or selling something for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't you think the agent working on your behalf should treat it as if it was his own money? Shouldn't your agent be at least as motivated as you are? Nobody wants to wait a day or two for a call back; you want to speak to your agent now, not tomorrow. I don't do lazy, I don't do half measures, I only know how to give 100% effort, all the time. Whether you're looking to build an income generating real estate portfolio, or simply looking for your very first starter home, you can rest assured that nobody will work harder for you than I do!